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I decided to write because all the reviews here are so negative. While my husband and I could easily afford that, why would we want to? We to the dog section because we have been thinking about getting a French bulldog and just wanted to see what they had there. Sales associate was really trying to push us hard and even offered financing. Did not sleep due to her pooping all night till morning. They said they would call me with the price. We foolishly thought that the warranty would cover anything that came up and we were denied everything we asked for we asked to return the puppy as soon as we knew how sick she was, that was denied.

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Recently I noticed she was not walking right on her back legs. He showed me the paperwork that showed the shots that he has received and told me that yes he had all the shots except for rabies. This was the first flag, surely a Shiba Inu from a pet store is not that expensive?! By one year he was eating all the time without any type of appetite products. After numerous calls to them I still have not received a course of action or a resolution to this serious problem. She was extremely lethargic and was nonresponsive to any attention. She was diagnosed with pneumonia with partial collapsed lung.

petland black friday

My vet even wrote a letter saying she wasn't fit for sale. Then on Monday she was hospitalized for a severe case of pneumonia. Its location on this page may change next time you visit.

They refused and assured us petland black friday they would take care of everything, the dog was euthanized and 2 weeks later they only offer a credit. I asked the manager if he would discuss this with the breeder. When we were doing the paperwork, I flat out asked the associate if he had all his shots. The first day I brought her home she had kennel cough

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It took me almost a year to get a copy especially of the "guarantee". It was Velvet Dream kennel like Petland have purchased her from, it's a puppy mill in Arkansas. We look at a Corgi puppy, go into the room, kids playing with it, wife loves it, etc. Unless the puppy has a legitimate line?

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I got a puppy from the Waterford Lakes store in Orlando. Line up 10 cars Esp as the staff knew it was to be a service animal. They are rescued from these breeders who use these dogs only for their gain.

Boca Park , This Petland is privately owned by a man named Jeff. He was a shady looking character and avoided giving me straight answers.

petland black friday

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March 19, First off, the Petland black friday in Norwin sells rescue dogs and pups which go fast and that's great. This was my first time in the store, I fell in love with a Chinese Crested Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. We provided the "not fit for sale" letter from her internal medicine specialist as well as documented evidence of her condition.

petland black friday

Go there if you can! I purchased a very sick Bull Mastiff last spring. March 11, I decided to write because all the reviews here are so negative.


I hear they get their dogs at puppy mills. I will keep everyone updated to see how long this takes. Also don't be fooled into believing that these animals are from local breeders, not puppy mills again, shame on us for not researching, but our puppy's breeder is listed as a puppy mill provider in Missouri -- hardly local to Orlando, Florida! This establishment is ripping people off! She was fine and so so active in the store. They would have sold her to me that day, as sick as she was.

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They said that stuff came with my dog plus I bought stuff for him. This was all in the same day!

petland black friday


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