Click for automatic bibliography generation. Suction cleaner floor tool. As for a non-vacuum assisted slicker, bristle or pin brush, wiping motion of a dog grooming vacuum brush style vacuum tool would facilitate clearing of hair from the pins.

dog grooming vacuum

Hand-held pet grooming apparatus. Pet grooming comb with angled teeth. This action, as illustrated in FIG. Animal grooming apparatus and process. The blade can be formed from a substantially straight piece of the toothed metal, as opposed to trying to maintain a curve in the metal blade.

Electric Pet Vacuum Cleaner Dogs Cat Hair Remover Puppy Trimmer Grooming Tool US. Cat Dog Pet Hair Fur Remover Shedd Grooming Brush Comb Vacuum Cleaner Trimmer SL. Electric Pet Hair Remover Dog Cat Grooming Brush Comb Vacuum Clean Trimmer Brush.

Full vacuum would be available to the vacuum tool when grooming. Much of this hair is introduced into the air environment as a result of blow drying, hair stripping, brushing, combing, raking, clipping, shearing, de-shedding, carding, and de-matting operations. In practice, either hair accumulates on the floor until which time as the groomer decides it must be cleaned up, or it is cleaned up after each animal. Electric rotary pet brush. The device being cleaned is then pushed across or inserted into the open end of the moveable vacuum plenum to release trapped hair, which is sucked up by the moveable vacuum plenum , through the seal between moveable and fixed vacuum plenums and on to a vacuum source. McCue, Declaration and curriculum vitae of Barbara E.

The device is activated by pushing the moveable vacuum plenum down with the tool to be cleaned. It helps to get rid of not only hair and dirt, but mites as well. The best way to go around this is to make sure that you check the accessory dog grooming vacuum your vacuum upon purchase so you can still exchange it for something else within the return dog grooming vacuum. Note that hair may wrap around the brush pins more than the shedding blade and require additional procedures to remove the hair. The apparatus of claim 1, wherein the sharp edges result from a machining process.

dog grooming vacuum

It can be used to clean up vehicles, upholstery, RVs and boat interiors of cumbersome pet hair. The slot configuration of this design also aids blow drying. The present application is a continuation of U.

Most grooming business advisors espouse the need to continuously maintain as clean dog grooming vacuum possible a grooming environment to appease discerning customers. It helps to get rid of not only hair and dirt, but mites as well. Next Patent Hand-held electric b

XPOWER B-2 Pro At Home Dog Grooming Dryer And Vacuum Review

Non-brush tools are merely held in the vacuum cleaner opening Vacuum device for hair clippings. One embodiment is a static vacuum cleaner shown in FIGS. Ectoparasite diagnostic apparatus and method of use thereof. Cleaning a vacuum tool connected to its vacuum source via the AVD gains the benefit of having its vacuum supply automatically stopped or reduced through such engagement of the open end of the movable vacuum plenum , effectively disconnecting the AVD , and hence the source of vacuum to the vacuum tool from fixed vacuum plenum Removing hair from a surface.

Do these things really work?! - Pet Hair Vacuum Attachments

Carpet brush cleaning device. Self cleaning pet fur stripping comb. The apparatus has one or more substantially straight stainless steel grooming blades , illustrated in more detail in FIG.

The blade can be integrated with an upholstery nozzle that does not have bristles. Hose adapter and assembly incorporating the same. The purpose is to cut through hair mats, somewhat shredding such in order to allow a comb to effectively run through the hair.

dog grooming vacuum

Pet Cat Dog Grooming Brush Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Tool Loose Hair Groom 32mm #Y05# #C05# Pet Cat Dog Grooming Brush Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Hair Remover Clean Comb Nozzle Rake Tool Pet Massage Bath Brush. Cat Dog Pet Hair Fur Remover Shedding Grooming Brush Comb Vacuum Cleaner.

A vacuum plenum of the cleaning tool is attachable to a vacuum source and has an opening for cleaning the grooming tool in one dog grooming vacuum. Unitary cutting assembly for hair clippers. Cleaning dog grooming vacuum vacuum tool connected to its vacuum source via the AVD gains the benefit of having its vacuum supply missouri prop b stopped or reduced through such engagement of the open end of the movable vacuum plenumeffectively disconnecting the AVDand hence the source of vacuum to the vacuum tool from fixed vacuum plenum

dog grooming vacuum

For additional stability, receiving slots can be cut in the nozzle housing to receive the ends of each blade or the entire edge of the blade opposite the serrated teeth Vacuum attachment for grooming cats and dogs. The ends of the blades are shaped and may be smoothed in order to minimize sharp corners which could cut or scrape an animal's skin when used.


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Others yet facilitate the drying of animals. It includes a brush, shedding comb, grooming tool, flea comb and upholstery. Animal comb and brush combination. The unused outlet port is plugged in normal operation. The combs may be constructed of metal or plastic. Activation of the tool cleaner would release some or all of the vacuum from the vacuum tool, making it that much easier for the tool cleaner to suck trapped hair off the vacuum tool. The first step in finding out whether an accessory is the ideal one for your pet is to have it running first.

The Dyson Pet Grooming Tool

Blades are reversible to accommodate both right and left-handed users. No aft-fore motion of the tool would be required—the trapped hair would be just sucked off. Pet hair thinning razor.

dog grooming vacuum

The blade can also take the form of any manual shedding blade. Currying machine for connection with vacuum systems. For example, in the embodiment illustrated in FIG. In the preferred embodiment, the vacuum pressure should be at least 40 inches of water at or above 90 CFM. The apparatus of claim 2, wherein an angle of engagement of the grooming blade can be varied. It provides users both vertical and horizontal cleanups plus it also comes with an adapter which lets the item fit a good lot of known vacuums. While it may seem like a chore to find the right one, reviews like this help point you in the right direction.


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