When my cast iron stomach 5 year old begain having trouble that was the end for me. Kathie Williams Wellness trufood dog food 1, at We have 3 goldens and they were all drinking crazy amounts of water.

wellness trufood dog food

This line of food is supposed to be good for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. This is the first dry food she eats without any kind of additional fixings to top it. I think you guys need to reevaluate this Wellness brand and move it on down the list and bump Fromm up one spot. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. Complete Health and TruFood brands have decent recipes as well, but be sure to read the labels carefully for each food. I feel like suing them.

Wellness TruFood is gently baked or dehydrated, and made in small batches with high quality raw, nutrient-rich ingredients. The result is natural, clean food that.

What You Should Know December 16, And that they were not responsible. I will no longer purchase Wellness until they resolve the infestation. Apart from the taste, it also contains some of the needed nutrients for any small dog breed to grow, however little. Cindy March 12, at Elizabeth Anderson June 8, at 9: In the mean time, I decided to switch to Wellness Core.

wellness trufood dog food

Angela Conboy April 20, at Sarah February 8, at 7: Adriann Giovanni January 17, at 4: Love this food brand! I looked in the bag and it had webs in it. Some are better than others.

Notify me of new posts by email. This raises a question in my mind for a food considered top on the list. I intend to take it back tomorrow and ask for compensation on the one third of bag that got messed up also , Do not know if Pet Smart will do that but then I do not have to buy Wellness any longer either.

My dog stopped eating it sunday. Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods. My dog loves junky dog food and won't eat any kibble that's high end, grain free, or even slightly good for him.

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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. We note that the food uses proteinated or chelated minerals , which are easier for dogs to digest. The food smells like what it is! We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Our dog was eating Wellness brand since he was a puppy until months ago he became so ill he was bleeding internally We took him off Wellness and he has had no problems Our cousins dogs had the same problem.

Hope all your pets are ok and no longer sick. Apart from the taste, it also contains some of the needed nutrients for any small dog breed to grow, however little. Then again, we have also known them to be closely related to the wolves in the wild grey wolves specifically. I recently purchased the wellness core grain fee chicken at pet smart and halfway through the bag noticed small bugs at the bottom of the bag.

Kristy, Which Wellness were you feeding your pets? I have been buying the Core but decided to try the Senior for small breed..

wellness trufood dog food

Wellness TruFood Small Breed Dry Dog Food is real food made right for your small breed dog! Our recipes are gently baked and made in small batches with high quality, raw, nutrient-rich ingredients. TruFood Small Breed Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe is formulated to meet the.

Its interesting that while my dogs were eating the wellness dog food all 3 of my them would have intermittent diarrhea. Got the food on Friday my poor french bulldog has had severe diarrhea since he started eating from the new bag. We appreciate your support and confidence in our wellness trufood dog food and reviews, and welcome feedback via our comment section or contact form that may help shed light on other quality foods. We have 2 Wellness trufood dog food Pyrenees and feed Fromm family owned company, never outsource and are very responsive to customer questions call and talk to them dogs eat pineapple you buy 4. My vet checked him out and could find nothing and started him on a cerenia nausea meds for four days.

wellness trufood dog food

Out of the four Wellness pet food lines, we recommend Simple and Core, first. I spent probably hours researching dog foods for large breed puppies when we got our first rescue GP because I realized I knew nothing about the specific needs of large breed dogs there are many veterinary sites you can access.

Wellness Dog Food

Wellness TruFood Dry Dog Food is real food made right! Our recipes are gently baked and made in small batches with high quality, raw, nutrient-rich ingredients. TruFood Salmon & Turkey Liver Recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food.

Be the first to review this item. I was thinking about starting my pug on the same thing. Each recipe is created with loads of nutritional value and can be fed to your dog as a meal, or you can use it as an ingredient in your own homemade dog food. Marlene Munroe October 27, at 1: I was highly disappointed and have stopped using it.

Wellness Trufood Freeze dried Raw Review

I opened the new bag and the kibbles were full of small holes. I no longer need to explain to TSA officials the need I had to carry a cooler with dog food at airports.

wellness trufood dog food

We continued giving her this food, thinking that maybe the fish was causing the gas. We have known dogs for a very long time to be domesticated which, as a result, produced many breeds. How many other companies spurce this way and no one knows. And that they were not responsible. I have been having similar problems finding bags of the Simple, Had to return because it was full of worms. She was getting sick with stomach issues every few days too.


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